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Sociological poll

Is the situation in Ukraine developing in a right or wrong direction? (recurrent, 2004-2016)

 Situation in Ukraine

In a right directionIn a wrong directionDifficult to answer
April 2016
February 201611.673.415
September 201516.76617.3
May 201514.367.618.1
March 201517.566.915.9
December 201421.757.720.6
December 201326.154.719.1
October 201315.465.419.2
March 201318.162.919
December 201221.555.523
November 201222.85819.2
October 201220.258.721.1
September 201219.659.121.3
August 201219.757.622.6
June 20121961.419.6
April 201216.26419.8
February 201216.264.519.3
January 201214.164.421.5
December 201111.767.321.1
October 201113.568.717.8
August 201116.161.922.1
May 201115.263.421.4
April 201114.263.822
February 201119.45822.6
November 201020.453.925.7
October 20102848.223.8
August 201025.650.424
June 201041.332.227.5
April 201035.134.530.4
February 201028.14724.8
October 20096.981.112
July 20097.37814.7
April 2009880.411.6
March 2009485.310.7
December 20083.285.411.3
October 20085.381.812.9
June 200811.565.323.1
May 200810.163.726.2
April 200817.756.226.2
March 200815.760.124.2
February 200830.64326.4
December 200723.352.524.1
September 200715.267.817.1
April 200711.965.222.9
March 200710.870.518.8
February 200616.363.220.4
December 200614.660.125.2
October 200612.963.823.3
September 200616.354.329.3
July 200612.867.519.7
May 200618.758.722.6
January 200617.762.320
December 200521.255.123.7
November 200518.359.122.5
October 200521.256.921.9
September 20052144.334.7
August 200531.842.925.3
June 200542.630.626.8
April 200553.52323.4
February 200550.723.825.5
April 200420.355.724

The study was conducted by the Sociological Service of the Razumkov Centre from 22 to 26 April 2016. The sample consisted of 2,018 respondents aged 18 and over in all the regions of Ukraine except Crimea and the occupied areas of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts, representing adult population by the key social and demographic indicators. The sample of the survey was constructed as multistage and random with quota sampling of the respondents at the last stage. Sampling error (without design effect) does not exceed 2.3% with a probability of 0.95.

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