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The church is the only institution in Ukraine with a positive image
 16 June 2014
 Religion, Civil society

The mass demonstrations on Kyiv's Independence Square improved the standing of Ukraine's churches among the population. From December to February clerics from various denominations spoke at the Maidan to encourage anti-government demonstrators. They also prayed hourly with the protesters even on the nights when police intended to clear the square, Deutsche Welle reports.

Statistics suggest Ukraine is one of the most religious states in Europe. Over the past few months its main churches grown considerably in importance, said Director of Razumkov Centre Sociological Service Andriy Bychenko.

The church is the only institution in the country with a positive image, Mr. Bychenko said. Nearly two-thirds of the Ukrainians trust it. Just as many think the church plays an important role in society. The Razumkov Centre study did not differentiate between the denominations. Many people in Ukraine now hope that the church brings peace to the country.

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